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Winter Recreation in Sheboygan


Winter Recreation in Sheboygan

Although the number of short, dark, and cold days seem many, there are fewer than it seems. Before you know it, spring will be on our doorsteps and hot summer will not be far behind. The days of outdoor winter recreation are numbered, so here is a list of winter activities in Sheboygan to fit into your winter schedule in its last few weeks.


Although it might surprise you, here in Sheboygan, fall and winter is surfing season on Lake Michigan. The dense and cool waves are being blown from multiple directions creating strong and large waves. Which, if you are trying to surf them, are ideal. EOS is the surf shop and outfitters of Sheboygan. Their physical store is located Downtown on 8th street, and on top of being the go-to for all things surf related (like wetsuits, board care, outdoor recreation gear, etc.) you can rent boards from them and hit the waves of Lake Michigan! If you have never gone surfing before or are hesitant to try, not to fear. EOS offers lessons and individual attention so that you feel comfortable heading out on your wave adventure. When gearing up for a surfing excursion, you’ll want to make sure you have all the right protective gear to keep yourself safe and warm. EOS rents wetsuits, gloves, and booties. Lessons can be as little as a one-on-one or as big as a group of four; not only will you be with an expert, but they will keep you up-to-date on forecast changes, and will aid in two hours of instruction and supervision. The last thing EOS will do is leave you to figure out this extreme sport without professional help. This experience is one-of-a-kind; Sheboygan is known for being the surfing capital of the Midwest. Lake Michigan will have you fooled thinking it’s the ocean with its impressive size, strength, and beauty. If you’re in Sheboygan during the winter season, we highly encourage you to give this neat winter water activity a shot.


Warm Coffee, Chill Boardwalk Stroll

The Sheboygan River empties right into Lake Michigan, and has a very accessible Boardwalk on both the North and South side. The Boardwalk is home to many loved local Sheboygan businesses ranging from restaurants to retail. It’s a neat destination any time of year because of its prime location on the two bodies of water guarantee great views 365 days a year! During the wintertime, there are lights strung up around the businesses, benches, and trees, ice covers the river and floats slowly but surely towards the lakeside, storefront windows illuminate with the promise of warmth inside their doors. Head to South Pier and go for a winter coffee Boardwalk stroll, stopping inside Eb and Flow Coffee or Weather Center Café to pick up a hot drink to hold while on your stroll. This is an easy way to get outdoor activity in while staying close to warm buildings you can pop into if you need a break from the frosty air. This is also an excellent solution for connecting with nature without having to leave town. We can’t get over how many great water views there are in Sheboygan, it’s one of our favorite aspects of this neat Midwestern beach town! Round up your Boardwalk stroll with some warm food at one of the many waterfront restaurants, and thaw yourself from the inside out. You’ll feel quite rewarded after braving the cold and exploring everything that South Pier and the Boardwalk have to offer.

Adventure Awaits at Kohler-Andrae State Park

If you’ve visited this Midwest oasis during the warmer months, you might be surprised by how much there is to still do at Kohler-Andrae when it’s beaches are covered in snow and ice. The park transforms into a winter sports paradise during the cold months, and is a must-see destination for cross country skiers, snowshoeing, and even some fat-tire bikers (on the designated trails). The park is serene and still covered in the winter frost, not to mention the ideal spot to watch the sunrise on an early morning ski, or snowshoe-hiking excursion. The winter is the perfect time for catching the breath-taking sunrises over Lake Michigan because it’s the latest time of year for the sun to rise, which means you can stay warm in bed a little longer before getting up and packing your adventure equipment. The state park is also dog-friendly, consider snapping a leash and a doggy-jacket on your furry friend and bring them along on your day of excitement. They are sure to be tired out by the end of the day and ready for a long nap (and so might you!)

Sledding in Vollrath Park

Time to get competitive! Whether you have children or you are a child at heart yourself, winter sledding is an exciting, playful, and active winter activity here in Wisconsin. Sheboygan has several beautiful park options for going on a stroll, playing with a dog, taking the kids to play, to picnic and read in, but most notably during the winter, there are plenty of hills for sledding. One popular park destination for sledding is Vollrath Park, located just slightly North of North Point Park. Grab your sled of choice and a friend, partner, or your family, and head out into the snowy cold to race your sleds down the slopes. Playfulness is an important component of enjoying winter here in Wisconsin, release your inner child and experience the excitement winter presents when you were a kid. Winter can sometimes feel long and dark, this is precisely why it’s particularly important to incorporate elements of play into these colder months. Sledding, building ramps and racing lines, coming up with competitions like who can slide down the hill backwards the fastest and creating teams, are all activities that will help make the wintertime fly by. Consider making your sledding adventure a true contest by including a winter treat to indulge in and warm up with as motivation when you’re done. That could be going to The Z Spot for hot chocolate or coffee, or going to the West Side Bakery for a fresh baked good.

Although the Malibu of the Midwest can be quite snowy and cold, it really is true that there are activities and gems to enjoy year-round in this beach town we call home. Don’t wait around for the warm weather to explore Sheboygan, pull on your hats and gloves and get out there!


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