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Plan Your Quinceañera

Your daughter's quinceañera should be a grand celebration and Blue Harbor Resort is an ideal destination! Gather family and friends together to celebrate your girl's 15th birthday with style on the shores of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan, WI. The banquet space features lake views and patio access to keep the party going around the bonfire well into the evening.

The tradition of a quinceañera party goes back centuries and celebrates a young girl's transition into adulthood to celebrate her 15th birthday. We want to honor your traditions to make this an evening you'll remember for the rest of your life. 

Quinceañera Event Timeline

Church Ceremony
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  • Before the celebration begins, the quinceañera, her court, family, and godparents attend a religious ceremony.
  • A time for celebration with family and friends
  • Cocktails and Appetizers
  • Quinceañera and Court of Honor take pictures
  • Guests are seated in ballroom
  • Procession:
  1. Parents
  2. Padrinos (Godparents)
  3. Quinceañera Court
    1. Most Popular Court of Honor Arrangements
      • 14 Damas & 14 Chambelanes + 1 Main Chambelan
      • 7 Damas & 1 Main Chambelan
      • 4 Damas & 4 Chambelans + 1 Main Chambelan
      • 4 Chambelanes + 1 Main Chameblan
      • 1 Main Chameblan
    2. Quinceañera and Main Chambelan
  • The quinceañera is honored on her special day by her parents
  • The quinceañera may also say a few words of her own, speaking for the first time as a young woman
  • Guests can be served plated meals or help themselves with a buffet
  • Crowning with Tiara by parents or godparents
  • Crown symbolizes Quince is a princess in the eyes of God
  • Scepter also sometimes presented to Quince
  • Scepter represents acceptance of the responsibilities of becoming a woman
  • Traditionally the father changes the Quince’s shoes from flats to heels to symbolize change from girl to woman
  • Represents last toy that the quinceañera will receive from parents
  • Some celebrations include the quinceañera surrendering Doll to younger sibling or cousin
  • Doll wears similar dress to quinceañera
  • First dance of the evening
  • Marks moment in life after which Quinceañera can dance with other young men
  • Typically choreographed
  • Includes Court of Honor along with immediate or significant family members
  • Specially choreographed performance by Quinceañera and Court of Honor
  • Sometimes involves outfit change

Quinceañeras at Blue Harbor Resort

Event Venue

Our Grand Ballroom can accommodate a quinceañera for 120 to 500 guests while our more intimate Peninsula Room accommodates 80 guests and Island Room can seat up to 40. All event spaces feature access to the lake with dedicated bonfire pit.


On-Site Event Catering

From banquet dinners to receptions, Blue Harbor Resort's on-site catering offers a wonderful selection of menu options for your quinceañera.

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Your event guests will feel right at home in our spacious 179 resort guest suites ranging in size from 500 to more than 1,900 square feet within close walking distance to the event space.



Our location on the shores of Lake Michigan calls event attendees to stay for a mini-retreat with the whole family to keep the celebration going all weekend.


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