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Meeting Planning

Plan Your Wisconsin Meeting

Selecting your venue is just the first step! When you're ready to start discussing the details of your Wisconsin event with your Blue Harbor Resort conference services professionals, we're here to walk you through every detail to make your next meeting or conference a success. Let's get started!

Our conference service professionals at Blue Harbor Resort have prepared these general guidelines to keep you on track when planning your Wisconsin meeting or conference. If you start planning at least three months in advance, you'll be right on track, but every meeting is unique and we'll work with you to fit your timeline.

Benefits at Blue Harbor

On-Site Catering

From your welcome reception to mid-day breaks and banquet dinners, Blue Harbor Resort's on-site catering offers a wonderful selection of menu options for conferences and meetings.

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Team Building Activities

With these group activities and team building options, your next meeting or conference at Blue Harbor Resort will feel like a retreat! 

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Your guests will feel right at home in our spacious 179 resort guest suites ranging in size from 500 to more than 1,900 square feet with city or lake views and group rates.


Group Incentives

Plan a meeting that feels like a mini-retreat AND get rewarded for it! When you plan your meeting at Blue Harbor Resort, you can choose incentives based on your total room nights.


More Than Meetings

At Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center, you'll discover more than just meetings. Our location on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin makes an ideal opportunity to combine a little leisure travel with your business! 

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We are committed to sharing the Lake Michigan experience of Sheboygan, WI, with our readers and hope you'll visit to experience the lake life for yourself soon.


Your Meeting Planning Timeline

Set Up Your Organizational System
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  • Schedules
  • Contacts
  • Ground Transportation
  • Meeting Room Setups
  • Audiovisual Equipment
  • Recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Budget
  • Rooming List
  • Event Communications
  • VIPs
  • Food & Beverage
  • Speakers
  • Spouse Programs
  • Determine the objectives of your meeting
  • Get your budget approved
  • Check calendar of events taking place near your desired venue to avoid conflicts
  • Book Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center and necessary resort rooms
  • Speak to our conference service professionals about menus and meeting room needs
  • Set up master account for meeting charges and determine who can sign for charges
  • Invite speakers and provide scope of desired presentation
  • Invite attendees
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Decide on any marketing needs, begin creative development
  • Confirm menus, room setups, and supplies in writing with our conference service professionals
  • Reach out to speakers to check on their presentations (they’ll likely need urging)
  • Inform hotel of guest arrival time so front desk can be properly staffed
  • Order gifts and amenities
  • Order signs and printed materials
  • Introduce any marketing materials into market
  • Mail agenda and any brochures to attendees; suggest a dress code and arrival times
  • Finalize food and beverage counts for the first day of events
  • Check in again with speakers; offer assistance with A/V and handouts
  • Reconfirm quantity of hotel rooms needed - reconfirm amenities
  • Ship materials to Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center so they arrive at least 24 hours before your arrival
  • Confirm all outside equipment orders (like A/V)
  • Make arrangements for shipping materials back to your office after event
  • Finalize needs for outside tickets/entertainment sources
  • Take a master copy of all handouts and brochures; in a pinch you can arrange to have them copied
  • Take a deep breath; you’re almost there
  • Review details with our conference service professionals
  • Inspect all shipped materials
  • Inspect signage and convention center message boards
  • Ensure rooms have proper amenities
  • Check all function spaces one hour before use
  • We are always available to address any issues, so please notify our conference service professionals immediately of any adjustments to ensure your event is the success you’ve imagined.
  • Sign checks and keep ongoing record of expenses
  • Be available for attendees; be patient if they offer advice or criticism (it’s been known to happen); thank them warmly for compliments.

Meeting Wrap Up

As your conference or meeting wraps up, connect with our conference service professionals to review all your sessions and your charges. Be sure to praise the performance of staff who have provided exceptional service. Consider circulating a survey or a feedback form to attendees to assess success of the event and areas for improvement. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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