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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Across Sheboygan


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Across Sheboygan

Valentines is one week away! For some of us, this might be a shock if you haven’t done any shopping to get something for your valentine- whether that is a romantic partner, a good friend, family member, or even yourself! As Miley Cyrus would remind us “I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand” Although it might still be a little too chilly to be writing names in the sand here along the shores of Lake Michigan, there’s no reason you can’t head out into the town of Sheboygan and pick up some treats for yourself or someone you love. Here are my top three Valentine’s shopping stops on my list!

The Boutique at Blue Harbor

I absolutely love accessorizing with jewelry, and if there is anything I love more than that, it’s wearing good quality jewelry from someone I love. A classic piece that will match what you wear every day is the perfect way to carry around a reminder of your love for the person who gifted the jewelry to you. A piece like this is an investment, if you wear it every day because it matches everything, you might not take it off every day; so purchasing a piece that is well made and durable is important. The Boutique at Blue Harbor Resort carries Brighton Jewelry, a brand known for its multi-step production process that is curated so that their pieces stand the test of time. Additionally, Brighton is recognized for its heart shaped jewelry, and the heart dotted in the “i” on their logo, so shopping for a Valentine’s inspired piece is easy when shopping their collection. The Boutique has its fair share of heart-shaped accessories, as well as a selection without hearts in case you’re looking for something more streamlined.

SoLu Estate Winery

Located West of Sheboygan, is the SoLu Estate and Winery; a beautiful property with a private Barrel Room, an indoor marketplace, complete with tastings and tours available by request. What’s more romantic than a private tour of a local Winery as a Valentines gift? Leisurely being led across the 600-acre estate, through barrel rooms, different wine tastings, and snacking on charcuterie creations, this experience is a must for wine-enthusiasts. Plus, if you’d rather not buy something physical for Valentine’s that will lay around and clutter your space, opt for an experiential gift like SoLu that only leaves behind memories (and maybe a bottle of wine or two). Here in Sheboygan, the weather has been unseasonably warm for the month of February, so the idea of enjoying the property this time of year to celebrate the holiday sounds much warmer and inviting! But snow or shine, the marketplace is an excellent date-destination to celebrate with your partner.

Victorian Chocolate Shoppe

It might be cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason; who doesn’t like chocolate (or some form of sweets) for Valentine’s Day? Whether you are a chocolate lover or have a sweet tooth for gummy and hard candy, you’ll be able to find something for you or your lover at the Victorian Chocolate Shoppe. From boxes of assorted homemade chocolates and truffles, to bags stuffed full with candy, nothing says I love and appreciate you like a sweet treat. The shoppe even has sugar-free chocolates, so there’s truly something for everyone! Take the phrase “treat yourself” literally by savoring your favorite sweet, or sharing it with someone you love. Combine a trip to the Chocolate Shoppe with an outing to SoLu, and you have all the ingredients for a romantic night-in.


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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Across Sheboygan

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be scrambling to find gifts for your partner, friends, family, or even just for yourself! Whoever it is that you're shopping for, here are our top three suggestions for romantic gifts to indulge in this February. 


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