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Five Reasons to Stay in Sheboygan This Fall


Five Reasons to Stay in Sheboygan This Fall

Hello and happy September! Although Summer doesn’t officially end until the 23rd, September begins to slowly fade from humid to crisp as our days little by little get shorter, school begins in full-swing, and it suddenly feels like the workload in the office is picking up alongside the slowing of Summer.

The transition period between Summer and Autumn is an ideal time of year for those who love Fall, but also don’t want to wish away comfortable temperatures too quickly. Us Midwesterners do love our transitional 60-degree weather when we can enjoy the outdoors without being too hot or too cold. We’re like Goldilocks, we want it juuust right.

Which is why the Autumn season in Sheboygan, Wisconsin is one of the most primetimes to take a getaway trip to Blue Harbor Resort and enjoy some Fall-fun. Being right on Lake Michigan, the air feels like it has an extra touch of autumn chill especially on those sunnier days that might feel a little too Summery further inland. I think it’s about time to jump in the car wearing your favorite Fall flannel or hat and explore all that Sheboygan has to offer in September.

Walking, Hiking, and Biking

One activity that I love and do nearly every day regardless of the time of year is going for a good walk or hike. Ideally, I like to do this outdoors but when the weather doesn’t cooperate I’ll settle for an indoor walk or run on a treadmill, but my favorite time of year for walks, runs, and hikes is in the Autumn. The inner cross-country runner in me is biased, but September and October weather makes outdoor aerobics ANGELIC. I mean, the air is chilled enough to make you want to move your body but isn’t so cold that it leaves your fingers numb.

There are plenty of beautiful views to explore in Sheboygan. Blue Harbor Resort is located next to a walking and running trail running parallel to the shore of Lake Michigan, and provides views of the waves, lighthouse, beaches, river walk, and small businesses. You could fill a whole day walking along the trail and soaking up the views and attractions it has to offer. If you enjoy maritime sightseeing, the North Point Breakwater lighthouse extending off of Deland Park is a must-see! The red lighthouse reflects the surrounding Autumn leaves perfectly, and you can walk right up to it! The fifty-five foot tall lighthouse has been standing at the end of the one-thousand foot pier since 1915.

If you’re more of a forest-type adventurer than a water-type, the Kettle Moraine State Forest is within driving range from Blue Harbor Resort and is a beautiful state park year round. Seeing all the leaves changing during Autumn makes this an exceptional must-see Fall stop this year.

Even closer than Kettle Moraine State Forest is the Kohler-Andre State Park and its amazing sand dunes, hiking trails, and, of course, Lake Michigan. I’ve visited Kohler-Andre during the summer and I felt like I was on a seaside beach on the East Coast, not the Midwest, so having a similar experience during peak Fall season is high on my autumnal-activity bucket list. Both Kohler-Andre and Kettle Moraine are perfect destinations to include in your Fall itinerary for activities like taking photos with your family or a romantic partner. The eruption of color, the winding trails, and the woodland landscape create the perfect mixture for warmth and coziness. Check out our Sheboygan hiking page by clicking here!

Outdoor Dining, Drinks, and Seating

September is one of the last months you can comfortably sit outdoors over a meal, happy hour, or just in the company of family and friends- at least here in the Midwest. As an outdoor-seating connoisseur, leave it to me to find all the public attractions offering outdoor spaces for dining and gathering after August. The riverwalk along the Sheboygan River empties into Lake Michigan and Blue Harbor Resort is nestled right in between. The river walk area offers a plethora of outdoor food and beverage dining:  cafes, restaurants, and bars with prime riverfront real-estate steps from Blue Harbor Resort.

The selection of eatery and drinks ranges from ice cream to fine Italian dining, beer to margaritas, coffee to smoothies, and sandwiches to BBQ. There’s something for everyone along the riverwalk, including options that are gluten-friendly. As someone who eats a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, I already discovered the Weathercenter Café, Parker John’s, and Pacifico Bar and Grill have options catering to specific dietary needs.

Fall weekends at Blue Harbor Resort offer dining experiences as well, in case you’d prefer to stay in the comfort of the Resort rather than adventuring back out after an exciting day of hiking and enjoying the views around Sheboygan. The Beacon Restaurant offers dinner Friday and Saturday nights, and a breakfast buffet Saturday and Sunday. Right across from The Beacon is Shoreline Café, offering an assortment of breakfast bakery treats, snacks, coffees, teas, and ice cream. If you have a sweet tooth or a caffeine addiction, you won’t want to skip Shoreline. The Beacon and Shoreline have beautiful lakefront views from both windows and the large back patio doors, so you can enjoy the Fall scene from the comfort of a warm booth and skip out on any blustering Lake Michigan winds that make it harder to enjoy a meal outside. To learn more about dining at Blue Harbor Resort, click here. 

But probably one of my favorite Fall features at the Blue are the bonfires that are held every Friday and Saturday night starting at 6:00 p.m. To say I love a Fall bonfire would be an understatement. It's so fun and cozy to wrap yourself up in your favorite sweatshirt or flannel, maybe a blanket too, and sit in front of the fire conversing with family and friends. The nighttime waves rolling in the background under the crackle of the bonfire is exactly the way I want to wind down on a weekend night. Could it get any better? Actually, it could, because Blue Harbor offers FREE S"MORES between 6-7p.m. on bonfire nights. So there you go, there's a whole Autumn evening planned for you, just by reading this blog;) 

River Fest 2023

There are no shortage of fun events going on within walking distance of Blue Harbor Resort, and River Fest is no exception. The engaging and interactive one-day festival takes place on Saturday, September 23rd this year from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Small businesses, food and beverage tents, local venders, and kids zone activates will fill Riverfront Drive Boardwalk, inviting visitors to explore the tastes, sights, and views of Sheboygan. Live music and entertainment start at 1 p.m. and there will even be free stand-up paddle boarding demos offered by EOS Surf during the festival. You’ll discover plenty of food, music, and family fun at this Fall festival! To learn more about River Fest, click here.

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Conferences

Another unique attraction this Fall is the Great Lakes Paranormal Conference, September 22nd-24th. This conference is perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit, no pun intended! What’s better than a paranormal conference leading up to the month of October, you ask? One that takes place in a haunted school! That’s right, this conference is held in the old Glenbeulah school with Craig and Melissa who, combined, have twelve years of paranormal experience and have published several paranormal works. The conference hosts over 20 speakers, 6 workshops, and 12 paranormal conference vendors. Sure to be the hub of all things haunted and spooky, you’ve got to check out this experience yourself. If you are curious about learning more about this conference, click here.. By the date this blog is published, it will be only 53days until Halloween, so if you are looking for spooky September fun, time is running out to hop on this haunted (band)wagon! I know the horror-fanatic in me is eager to learn more about this chilling attraction, and if you are too, click here and you'll be brought to our Sheboygan Asylum Ghost Investigations page.

Fall Harvest Fest at Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center

Are you looking to wrap up your September with the ultimate fall-themed family activity? Farm Wisconsin is hosting the Fall Harvest Fest and Vendor Market on September 30th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will be your traditional Autumnal fresh produce paradise! Fruits and other crops, including Wisconsin’s state fruit, cranberries, will be in abundance. And the best part is, admission is only $2! You and your family can indulge in the flavors of Fall while having fun learning and exploring Farm Wisconsin’s expansive property. Hands-on activities and agricultural education experiences are included in the event, so you’ll be set for a day full of farm fun!  Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center is located just ## miles from Blue Harbor Resort. To learn more about Farm Wisconsin, click here.

To Conclude...

All in all, there is plenty to do around Blue Harbor and the Sheboygan area when it isn’t summer. I love taking advantage of the Autumn time for all the fun and unique experiences this time of year offers. I certainly will be engaging in all the Fall activities I can so that I can enjoy the outdoors and nature before winter takes over and the days become the shortest.

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