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**The Dueling Tube Slides will be closed January 2nd - March 21st as we work to improve this attraction.**


Sheboygan Asylum Ghost Investigations

About Sheboygan Asylum Ghost Investigations

Fox Valley Ghost Hunters offer Sheboygan Asylum Ghost Investigations through November 12th in Sheboygan Falls, WI and they typically sell out! While there is no guarantee of seeing a ghost or ghostly activity, you're in for a unique experience to compliment the Halloween season. 

Founder, Craig Nehring, is an author or co-author of a variety of books:

  • Wisconsin Most Haunted Vol 1 & 2
  • Archives of a Ghost Hunter
  • Archives a Ghost Hunter Vol 2 with Melissa Clevenger
  • Haunted Expeditions in the Midwest with Melissa Clevenger
  • Wisconsin Haunted Travel Guide with Melissa Clevenger

Melissa Clevenger is the Lead Investigator/Medium on the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters Team. She has experienced paranormal activities throughout her life. Growing up she could see and hear spirits and it became a part of who she is. Although her ability to see ghosts has faded, her passion to communicate continues. Interested in all things paranormal, Melissa has traveled to countless notoriously haunted locations. 


Sheboygan Asylum Ghost Investigations Photos

Great Lakes Paranormal Conference

September 22nd - 24th, 2023

Craig and Melissa, with a combined 12 years of experience, present the Great Lakes Paranormal Conference. This conference will be held at the haunted Old Glenbeulah School in Glenbeulah, WI. This event includes speakers, vendors, workshops, and ghost investigations. Tickets are available for VIP, General Admission, Day Passes, as well as for the Sheboygan Asylum Ghost Investigations.

Great Lakes Paranormal Conference Speakers

  • Jason Hawes, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation
  • Adam Berry, Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters
  • Sarah Lemos, Ghosts of Morgan City
  • Shane Pittman, The Holzer Files
  • Shari Debenedetti, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation
  • Dave Shrader, Master of Ceremonies, from The Holzer Files and Ghosts of Devil's Perch
  • Plus: Lyle Blackburn, Jeff Belanger, Richard Estep, Tobias Wayland, Chad Lewis, Barnaby Jones, Mike Huberty, Jeff Finup, Expedition Entity, Kristina Bloom, Austin Maynard, Deette Ranae, and Melissa Clevenger & Craig Nehring.

Great Lakes Paranormal Conference Workshops

  • Energy and Protection Techniques with Kristina Bloom
  • Pathways to Spirit with Sarah Lemos
  • Pendulums for Spirit Communication with Heather Mattison
  • Mediumship in Paranormal with Deette Ranae
  • Automatic Writing with Deette Ranae
  • Equipment Design for Nick Groff with Austin Maynard

Additional Great Lakes Paranormal Conference Vendors

  • Boyd House, Haunted Location
  • Mystic Moons Mind and Body
  • Mind, Soul, Self LLC
  • Badger Bazarre
  • Haunted Soulz Paranormal
  • Soul & Synergy LLC
  • Moxie Malas
  • Enchanted Boutique
  • Reiki Magick
  • Angela Richardson, Psychic Medium
  • Kristalyzed Creations
  • Surviving Angels


Contact Sheboygan Asylum Ghost Investigations

Just 21 minutes from Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan Falls, WI.

N3773 Garden Pkwy | Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085


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