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Easy and Affordable Fall Fun in Sheboygan


Easy and Affordable Fall Fun in Sheboygan

Have you ever felt like the time for traveling and adventures is limited to summer? Or maybe thought that the variety of events and activities to go out and do are confined to the warmest months of the year? That Fall and Winter are when life routines become a predicable cycle of life, school, and necessary errands? I definitely have felt this way in the past, as if life just sort of stops for the colder winter months, becoming sleepy and boring. Moving to Sheboygan and starting my young adult career has me feeling more inspired about the opportunities to explore year round. Which is exactly why I am challenging myself this to see how many opportunities there are year-round that keep life fresh, exciting, and inexpensive. It may only be the beginning of the Autumn season, but I have already found a starting list of Sheboygan activities to begin to plan and look forward to.

Apple Orchard Adventures:

I grew up going to the apple orchard every year with my mom and sister to pick apples, shop for apple cider, and eat caramel apples; so I look forward to continuing this outdoor and yummy tradition. As someone who enjoys spending time outdoors while the weather cooperates, I like finding new experiences with varying levels of activity. For example, I love taking long walks or going for a nature hike, but some days I feel a little too burned out to take on that level of activity, or don’t have the time to incorporate enough room in my schedule to really enjoy these activities. Going and wandering around an apple orchard, whether it’s pick-your-own or not is a more relaxing and leisurely outing that small kids, families, and those with limited mobility. An orchard is a beautiful change of scenery whether you’re looking to just enjoy the views or snap a couple pictures or family photos as well. I had the opportunity to check out Pigeon River Orchard over the weekend, a family-run orchard with a little shop set up in the backyard where you can mix-and-match a selection of picked apples by the pound. They also sell apple cider and caramel apples that were quite popular. My partner and I decided to try their gourmet caramel apples, and I promise you that if you can make it to Pigeon River Orchard, you won’t be disappointed by their selection of these gourmet apples. I got the Turtle apple while my partner got the Snickers apple. It was a tough decision for both of us between M&M, Reese’s pieces, sugar coated, and peanut covered apples. I can easily say with 100% honesty it was the best caramel apple I have ever had.

Farmers Market Wanderings:

This blog is already all about romanticizing of the off-season so I’m not going to hold myself back here. Imagine for a minute with me, you and a friend, family member, or loved one decide to go to the Saturday morning farmers market on a crisp Autumn day. The air is brisk, yummy smells waft through the air guiding you to where the warm food and beverages are. Vendors with apple products and gourds decorate the park, and you decide to pick up some fresh produce to cook something warm, fresh, and delicious for dinner. The most wonderful thing about this image I’m painting is it’s very realistic and affordable. I think farmer’s markets are a wonderful opportunity to get out of their house for a little bit and enjoy new scents, tastes, and views. Plus, maybe you’ll find something new you enjoy, or feel inspired to challenge your skills in the kitchen. I’ve strolled around the Farmers Market in Fountain Park, some of my favorite vendors sell fresh produce, gluten free bakery items, and gorgeous bouquets of flowers. I look forward to weekends now for the sole purpose of picking out vegetables to cook for dinner later that night.

Visit a Seasonal Attraction

Although the amount of activities you can partake in feels like it gets cut in half by the time the Fall season rolls around, the opposite is actually true. You just have to know what you’re looking out for. Especially as we enter the “ber months”- September through December- there are endless seasonal activities to enjoy. They may range in price, activity level, and interest, but around the holidays there are always attractions to enjoy that are only around for a limited amount of time. With September over halfway over already, a lot of the spooky Halloween-related activities are in full swing. Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan decorates for the spooky season with plenty of fun bright lights, beloved Halloween-story characters, and allows you to enjoy the beauty of the garden before it closes until the Spring. Theaters like the Weill Center in downtown Sheboygan do a Countdown to Halloween scary movie marathon showing three of the classics, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. Ticket cost to see all three on Friday September 30th is only $10, and as a scary movie enthusiast I feel you can’t beat that price. If you are hoping for a seasonal attraction with a little more thrill than a movie, you could check out a haunted attraction like Dominion of Terror Haunted House. This isn’t your typical walk-through haunted house with actors in creepy costume. Dominion of Terror is a non-profit that gives back to the local Sheboygan community, which makes it an even better Fall attraction destination to check out if you’re looking for things to do that won’t break the bank. Tickets sell for $20 online, and for the weekend of October 13th only, tickets are $15 in honor of throwback weekend. BRB buying tickets right now…

Go on a Leisurely Autumn Stroll

I may be biased, but I think going for an enjoyable outdoor walk is underrated. You don’t have to put any pressure on yourself to walk fast or far, you can simply enjoy some fresh air, beautiful views, and maybe even the company of family, a friend, a partner, or even a pet. It can be a refreshing break to take a step back from the business and rush of day-to-day life as well as the expectations you set for yourself to meet by eliminating pressure with a change of scenery. Even if you don’t have much time in your day, step away (literally) and take yourself for 10-minute walk. Pay attention to the way the air feels on your skin, the mosaic of colored leaves swirling down from trees, or walk by the water and listen to its waves or steady stream.  I love starting every day with a walk and detaching myself from my responsibilities for the day ahead of me by connecting with nature and the season outdoors. Arguably, one of the best parts of this activity is that you can do it alone or in company. Sometimes I also like to add a destination to my walk, such as a coffee shop, a park, or one of those cute free little libraries. As the day’s are starting to get shorter and the evenings darker, bundling up to go for your walk and enjoy holiday lights can feel like an escape into a magical night. Pro tip: tack one of these walks onto the end of your day after a morning spent strolling the farmer’s market and cooking a fun new dinner with your fresh produce. It’s a perfect way to ease into winding down for bed because you’ll get back ready to rest your feet and cozy up with a blanket.

Pumpkins, Paint, and Projects

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy personalizing a pumpkin, nor do you have to carve that pumpkin in order to have a fun DYI experience. Going to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin and take some photos is one of my favorite activities in the fall. The Bulitz Pumpkin Farm in Sheboygan is a popular destination for pumpkin picking, petting some animals in the petting zoo, even catching a pony or carriage ride. The farm sells pumpkins of all sizes, and a variety of other Fall harvest decoration items like corn, bales of hay, and gourds. You can choose to pick your harvest décor outdoors or indoors depending on weather and your personal preferences. I always opt for outside if at all possible so that I can get some fall-themed shots of the pumpkin patch, and posing with the pumpkin I choose (yes, I;m one of those people). Basically, I like turning the act of pumpkin picking into a mini day event before taking it home and deciding what I’m going to do with it. Everyone knows carving is fun but messy and therefore, time consuming. So if carving isn’t your cup of tea, I also like painting my pumpkin, or drawing on it with a sharpie. Lately, I’ve been seeing more outside-of-the-box creations with pumpkins, like gluing gems and beads, and googly eyes, or using yarn, even adding a hat to their pumpkin. I keep seeing that little gnomes are popular Fall and Winter décor and if you’re a fan of the seasonal gnome trend, you could make a little gnome hat to put on the top of the pumpkin (Pinterest idea anyone?) I think the most important part of this affordable and fun Fall activity is to not take it too seriously. Put some snacks out, turn your favorite Fall show or movie on, and let your imagination loose.

Get out To Explore Sheboygan This Fall 

There are a lot more ways to get out of the house and indulge in a fun seasonal outing than one might think.  Sometimes the best memories and activities can be found among the little things you decide to do, and I think that’s part of the charm of these months that are darker and colder. Sheboygan is a beautiful area to get out and explore this time of year, because I guarantee you that if you just drive or walk around you will find something unique and fun to do. With the 23rd marking the official start date of Autumn, I am looking forward to cozying up further into the season and getting out to do more of these activities. I’ll be sad to see Summer go, but the opportunities to do something special certainly aren’t leaving with Summer.


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