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Emagine Sheboygan with Em


Emagine Sheboygan with Em

Hi! My name is Em. I recently moved to Sheboygan, WI to begin work at Blue Harbor Resort and I am thrilled to be near the shores of Lake Michigan. I grew up in De Pere Wisconsin, essentially Green Bay for those of you who do not know, born and raised. I chose to continue my education in my hometown after I graduated high school, earning my B.A. in Communication and Media Studies as well as Art from St. Norbert College and walked across the stage to receive my diploma in May of 2023.

Despite living amongst all the green and gold of Lambeau Field, the glittering flow of the Fox river, and the rich chocolate of Seroogy's, I dreamed of living in a small beach-side town. I'm a lover of all things summer, warm, and bright, but also have a deep and slightly insane love for Halloween and Autumn (ask me any day of the year how many days it is until Halloween and I will inform you without hesitation). But one thing is for certain, I am not a fan of winter. It's just a no from me. I miss the hours of sunlight, the greenery surrounding me, open windows, and sun on my skin. But this year is different, I am in a new town, a town with beaches and rolling waves mimicking the ocean. Although summer may be coming to end for 2023, this is just the beginning for me, and I am determined to enjoy it.

I thought, why not take you along for the ride? Maybe you’re also looking to explore and discover more of what this town has to offer. Plenty of people are yet to discover this Malibu of the Midwest, so let’s begin!

A Summer Send Off

So I suppose this first blog post is a summer-send off, as much as it is a get-to-know-me post. A farewell letter to my favorite season. It will come around again soon enough, but in the meantime I am eager to enjoy my last couple days of the summer season before Labor Day rolls in and Fall leaves begin to appear in its wake. Before school bells hum throughout shortened days, college campuses spring to life, and work days lose the exciting promise of sunshine, pool-sides, and icy drinks after five o’clock, I must experience Labor Day, the Sheboygan way.

Things to Do Over Labor Day Weekend

What is there to do? How do I milk the end of summer as much as possible before becoming clinically contagious with Halloween-fever and pumpkins, apples, and golden leaves start appearing around every corner? It seems to me, as the new girl in town, starting with my one main connection in town is a smart place to begin: The Blue Harbor Resort.

Okay, yes, I work here. BUT, the only friends I have that live here in town are in my workplace, and my workplace is super cool!!! Amazingly kind people work here, the resort itself offers so many fun experiences and activities, it's basically my "cool-things-to-do" plug. And Blue Harbor KNOWS how to do Labor Day with live music on Saturday and Sunday night, for one.

Lakeside Live Music Series

Music begins at seven o’clock, just as the sun is beginning to set and dusk creeps up to our doorstep, reflecting its beautiful colors on Lake Michigan as if all the yellows, oranges, and pinks decided to go for a swim themselves. For those with kids, seven is also a great time to enjoy some live music with your family before the kids need to settle down and go to bed so they are well rested for school starting. On the flip side, for couples without kids, the music extends into the night, ending at ten o’clock. I think I see a drink in my right hand, my partner holding my left hand, and musicians in front of me in my near future...

On the topic of the variety of different experiences the Blue Harbor has to offer, there are essences of summer that remain available at the Blue all year long, but experiencing them during the last weekend of the summer season is certainly a good note to end summer on.  

Labor Day Fun in Blue Harbor Resort

Not only could you enjoy views of the Lakeside for dinner or cocktails from the patio of On the Rocks Bar & Grill, relaxing in an Adirondack chair, or gooey s’mores over the bonfire, but you can also enjoy the summer weather poolside at the outdoor pool. Personally, I am quite biased towards reading a book while tanning on a pool chair, then jumping into the water when the summer sun has convinced me it's time to set my book down and splash around a bit. For my fellow 21-and-up-year-olds, why not indulge in one of our blended summer cocktails from the Sandbar? Or for those who aren't 21 or are better about staying hydrated than I am, you can treat yourself to an icy soda or lemonade along with poolside food service.

Relaxing Spa Labor Day Weekend

Although I could spend the whole holiday weekend reading, tanning, swimming, repeat, if that isn't your idea of the ultimate Labor Day weekend, you can follow up that dip in the pool, with a trip to the spa.... wait that sounds too familiar. Sharpe Evans anyone? My dad is definitely rolling his eyes at my High School Musical joke. Blue Harbor Resort has its own Reflections Spa & Salon, open and taking appointments Labor Day weekend.

Blue Harbor + The Locals

Blue Harbor Resort has no shortage of summer fun. They have five different food and beverage dining options within the resort, the live music events, and waterpark passes on Sundays. Personally, I am excited to learn that Blue Harbor Resort is offering one-night stays on Friday Sept. 1st, and Sunday Sept. 3rd, so you can enjoy 48 hours of summer fun at the Blue before diving into Labor Day week. I love a mini-staycation, sometimes a one-night getaway is exactly what you need to freshen up your week and mindset. A change of scenery, two days of fun and escape from your regular schedule. As a person who loves routine, a one-night getaway is the best of both worlds because I get to mix things up for a day without it affecting the scheduled routine I'm used to when I return from my getaway. One morning of missing my routine isn't going to interfere with the rest of my work-week and helps to refresh me when it is time to return the business. 

3 Sheeps Brewery

Beyond the property of Blue harbor there is more to explore, and one of the top Sheboygan attractions for both adults and families is 3 Sheeps Brewery. My partner and I recently checked out this popular brewery and were quite impressed! I am not a beer drinker, my partner is, but I prefer a fruity seltzer (or anything gluten-free). 3 Sheeps brewery has a laundry list of freshly brewed beers as well as several gluten-free, low carb/low sugar seltzers. Additionally, the brewery is a short and easy ten-minute drive from the Blue Harbor Resort, and on your way you'll pass plenty of other popular local restaurants and shops. 3 Sheeps is also a very family-friendly place to relax and socialize. There is an outdoor space with bags, tents when the weather doesn't cooperate, and snacks for yourself and the kids. Although 3 Sheeps doesn't serve meals, they allow you to order delivery from some local restaurants in the area and bring it in with you. There is a variety of ways families can enjoy their experience at the brewery and it's definitely worth checking out.

The Malibu of the Midwest

Sheboygan is famously called the "Malibu of the Midwest" and there is a good reason for it. Its prime location along the shores of a Great Lake makes it the ideal candidate for surfers. Yep, you read that correctly. Thought surfing was just for the oceans? Think again! Lake Michigan is as powerful and blue as the ocean and is a fan favorite among surfers in the Midwest. There are influences of surf culture all around Sheboygan, and the beaches are gorgeous whether you plan to take on the waves or not. For the rest of you who think the waves aren't speaking to them over Labor Day, you might enjoy laying on the beachside enjoying the views and reading a book. I have it on my Labor Day to-do list to make my way over to the Deland park that is just on the other side of the Sheboygan river from Blue Harbor. The park is complete with walking trails, a marina, a large public beach with sand volleyball, picnic benches, even a lighthouse! To me, the perfect day consists of summer sun, a good book, and a beach towel laid out over a sandy beach and the sweet sounds of crashing waves keeping time like a metronome. 


Em’s Consensus:

So, I think I’ll be pretty set for this Labor Day weekend, maybe a little too set. I might need to make myself an itinerary. But hopefully this blog post helps suggest some fun Labor Day festivities for anyone who is searching for ideas.

With that being said, watch for a blog update next week where I will briefly recap Labor Day, and start to let my inner Autumnal-alter ego loose by posting about all the Fall opportunities on the horizon. Until then, rock on, Sheboygan!


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