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Where To Find Basic Necessities in Sheboygan


Where To Find Basic Necessities in Sheboygan

When we close our eyes and dream about our upcoming vacation, we see ourselves happy and excited, trying new things, visiting new and unique places, maybe even stepping out of our comfort zones a bit. You probably envision yourself relaxing a bit whether that is by sitting back and kicking up your feet, or engaging in activities that keep you up and moving, sight-seeing and keeping yourself enthralled in your new surroundings. While I hope that your vacation is all you dream it to be, there are a couple of necessities you will want to be aware of before you arrive at your destination. Although these things are not very exciting, trust me, you will be better off knowing them before you go on your vacation so that you’re prepared if/when the need arises. With that being said, here is my list of where to find necessities during your stay at Blue Harbor Resort.

The Boutique on South Pier

I want to kick off this section with a brief story. When I was traveling in Florida earlier this year, I unexpectedly got sick. Basic health necessities like Tylenol, Pepto Bismal, a thermometer, tums, and first aid supplies were nowhere to be found. This humbling experience not only reminded me to ALWAYS travel with a basic health kid including these things, but also revived a gratitude for the Boutique in Blue Harbor Resort, that carries these types of necessities plus more in its gift shop. In the end, I had to take a shuttle off the Florida resorts’ property to a gas station 10 minutes away to get what I needed. I will never take for granted a hotel with Tylenol and a vending machine ever again! So although I highly encourage everyone to not make the same mistake I did, which was not packing these essentials in the first place, there is good news for you in case you do forget (we’re all human) or you run out. But I sincerely hope you never find yourself in the same position I was in (haha).


Although there are bountiful delicious locally owned restaurants to visit during your stay in Sheboygan, sometimes you’re not hungry enough for a whole meal, you don’t have time to sit down at a restaurant, or you’re too hungry to sit down and wait for your order to be delivered. For these reasons and so many more, you should know where to buy groceries near where you are staying. Blue Harbor is located very near Downtown Sheboygan, and a handful of grocery markets that are a short 5-minute drive away. One such grocery store is Stefano’s Slo Food Market- a local favorite. This small market has large windows letting in plenty of natural light, is extremely organized, and has a variety of types of food ranging from basic favorites, fulfilling different dietary needs, special Italian brands, and natural and organic options.

Public Restrooms

Okay, the least exciting thing on this list, yet necessary to include, are where to find public restrooms in Sheboygan. One of the most popular activities to include in your Sheboygan vacation literary is a beach day. Deland Park, and both the Boardwalk and South Pier have public restrooms along the water. They are also near the Downtown 8th street, walking distance from the beach and riverside boardwalk. Additionally, there are public bathrooms in the nature center in Kohler-Andrae State Park if you head that way for a day on the beach or hiking through it’s incredible dunes. Maywood Environmental Park has public bathrooms as well, but do take note that some of these bathrooms are only open seasonally during the summer and early fall.


If you’ve ever been out exploring, sightseeing away from your parking spot? Sometimes exhaustion hits us and what felt like a short walk to begin with, now seems miles away from where your car is parked. Although much of Sheboygan is very walkable, BIRD scooters are placed around the Downtown area as well as by the boardwalks and marina. These scooters are fast, fun, save our energy, while remaining an affordable way to get back to the car or hotel quickly. You can easily find these scooters around town during the late spring through the early fall. Additionally, if the weather outside is too poor for scootering, you could always catch the Harbor Centre Express: a cute red tourist trolley that drives around the boardwalks, South Pier, and Downtown Sheboygan. For just $1 per person, you can ride the 4.6 mile route around town and get to the most popular must-see Sheboygan destinations.

I like to always feel prepared, and this is only enhanced when I am traveling. I hope this list of basic necessities can help you plan and prepare for any scenario during your stay at Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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