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A Coffee Lover Takes You on a Virtual Tour of 5 Sheboygan Cafes


A Coffee Lover Takes You on a Virtual Tour of 5 Sheboygan Cafes

Hello Readers, welcome back to my blog! I have been thinking a lot about coffee as of late, mainly because of two things: 1) it’s getting colder outside and I always want to be holding a cup with a hot drink in it. 2) My coffee maker at home has broken:( As I wait for my new coffee machine to arrive, I have been making lemonade out of my lemons (or, more appropriately, coffee out of my beans) and getting coffee from local shops around Sheboygan. This week, I want to share some of my favorite places I’ve visited by giving you a virtual tour.

Before we dive in: because the title of this blog emphasizes coffee, I’m going to focus mainly on the coffee served at each of these café’s. However, I do want to insert this disclaimer that the café’s I feature in this blog do serve many beverages other than coffee, as well as food.


I’m starting with Shoreline Café in Blue Harbor because it’s the coffee shop I get my morning coffee from almost every day. Shoreline brews and serves Weeden Creek Roasters coffee, a Sheboygan local coffee brewery. Their light roast coffee is my daily go to lately, and I love to pair it with just a splash of almond milk. But of course I have tired the Light, Dark, and Decaf brews. Shoreline also has a list of lattes to select from, and each month there are new and limited specialty coffees. For the month of November, the specialty lattes are caramel-apple latte, hazelnut mocha, pumpkin spice, and a salted caramel hot chocolate. There are breakfast sandwiches, on the go snack items, and a case of bakery treats to select from. Because Shoreline is located inside the resort, you can take your coffee to one of the patio view restaurants, On The Rocks or Beacon, and enjoy the views of Lake Michigan on your own or in the company of whoever you are with. I got to take my friend who was visiting from out of town to get coffee at Shoreline and we sat in the window seats of On The Rocks with our hot coffees and watching the moody weather roll the waves.

Eb Flow Coffeehouse

Right across the street from Blue Harbor is Eb and Flow coffeehouse, a calming riverside café nestled in between restaurants on South Pier boardwalk. I get such a satisfying feeling of calmness when I walk into Eb and Flow. The atmosphere is clean, quiet, and soothing. It’s a more intimate coffeehouse atmosphere, perfect for a coffee date or a catch up with friends or family. The menu includes a list of coffees and teas, as well as lunch and breakfast items, but most notably on their food menu are their croffles: (croissant x waffle).  When I went, I ordered a small almond butter latte (which is a flavor I’d never seen anywhere else before), and learned that the sizing of coffees at Eb and Flow are generous. This was a very pleasant surprise for me, and I got myself comfortable and hunkered down to read my book and sip my coffee. I could stay in this coffeehouse for hours, enjoying the coffee, the view it has on the riverside, and the relaxing and spacious interior. To top it all off, if the weather is nice enough you can step out onto their back patio, and if it’s too cold for that, they have an indoor fireplace! It’s cozy vibes year round.

Weather Center Café

Across the river and down the Boardwalk from Eb and Flow is the Weather Center Café. This is actually the first Sheboygan café I ever tried, and I think they might be my favorite coffee here locally. If I am going to order a latte anywhere, I’m either ordering a lavender honey latte, or something with cinnamon. The lavender latte I get at Weather Center is my favorite! This café has a very ambient interior, with a seaside, surfing and pirate vibe. I especially love to grab a coffee when it’s nice outside because they have lots of outdoors seating along the side of their building and in the back next the boardwalk. Plus, I meet plenty of cute dogs on their walks along the boardwalk. I mean, come on, coffee and happy dogs?! Who could say no to that? In addition to the fantastic coffee, they have a large food menu that includes vegetarian and vegan options. I love their homemade granola with almond milk, you can tell it is homemade.


Weather Center Café is a short walk from Downtown, where this next café is located. If an art studio, bike garage, study lounge, music stage, and café came together as one, it would look like Paradigm Coffee. This neat café has a setup and atmosphere like no other. Paradigm is another quite spacious coffee house, they are quite accommodating with their seating, and the whole place is buzzing with fun, creativity, and conversation. Somehow, Paradigm is simultaneously the perfect place for you to go and talk and catch up with friends, or read by yourself. Something unique about Paradigm is that they are very aware and accommodating of dietary needs, so much so that they don’t offer nut-based plant milk, they have oat milk for you at no extra charge! As someone who can’t have dairy herself, I am super grateful for this. They offer a very allergen-friendly menu, meeting needs such as gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian. Every Saturday morning they have vegan cinnamon rolls, and every Sunday there are vegan donuts. Only open Thursdays through Sundays, Paradigm is a fun weekend spot to get caffeinated in the company of friends or a good book.

Z Spot

The final café on my list today is the Z spot, which happens to be pretty close to Blue Harbor as well. It’s located on Indiana street, and is mainly a drive-through coffee destination. This works out perfectly for me, because it means I can quick pull in and order my coffee while I’m on my way to work without having to go out of my way just to fuel my caffeine addiction. Z Spot offers seasonal latte specialty drinks as well, I tried an amazing pumpkin spice chai latte because I obviously had to get in the Halloween spirit. The café does have a seating area, but make sure you check to see if it is open first, but the drive through is open the most often.

That Brings Us to The End

These are just 5 of the café’s I’ve tried here in Sheboygan thus far, but if you couldn’t tell, I really like coffee. I’ll probably be back with another blog like this one eventually. But for now, I leave you to get caffeinated. As always, rock on Sheboygan!  


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