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Stefano's Slo Food Market

About Stefano's Slo Food Market

Stefano and Whitney Viglietti own three highly-acclaimed restaurants in Sheboygan, WI: Trattoria Stefano, Il Ritrovo, and Field to Fork. Their reputation for quality, responsible business practices and stewardship have established them as a leader in the Sheboygan community. Stefano is an advocate of the Slow Food Movement started in Rome, Italy.

The concept for Stefano's Slo Food Market is a combination of World Market and Local Farmer's Market. Products offered include local and organic produce, local pasture-raised meats, house made deli salads, soups, baked pasta, sandwiches, and coffee as well as an assortment of high quality oils, vinegars, pastas, San Marzano tomatoes, conservas, condiments, wine and spirits, and much more.

Stefano's Slo Food Market supports local producers and sustainable agriculture, providing health-enhancing foods to help people in Sheboygan lead healthier lives.


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Stefano's Slo Food Market Events & Classes

Oyster School

For a unique experience in Sheboygan, enroll in Oyster School! At Stefano's Slo Food Market, you can learn how to pry, shuck, slurp, and savor fresh oysters in this class. Classes include 6 oysters, 2 glasses of sparkling wine, glove and a shucker for $60 per person. 

Knife Skills Class

Learn basic knife skills to get slicing and dicing with the Knife Skills Class. They will cover knife safety, basic sharpening, dicing, julienne, and chiffonade, as well as tips for common fruits and vegetables. Classes include 1 new Santoku style chef knife and complimentary wine and cheese tasting for $60 per person.

Call 920-287-7128 or email for class dates or to reserve your spot.

Contact Stefano's Slo Food Market

Just 4 minutes from Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, WI.

731 Pennsylvania Avenue | Sheboygan, WI 53081


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