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Elevate Yoga

About Elevate Yoga

The Elevate Yoga studio in downtown Sheboygan, WI, was established by Jackie Wing. She originally established Elevate at the end of 2020, started virtual classes early in Spring of 2021, and opened the doors of the studio by the beginning of summer. Yoga has been an important aspect of Jackie’s life for over a decade, helping to support her through the turbulence of life, seeking balance, and discovering a good relationship with her body and mind. The mission of Elevate Yoga is to do the same for you.

Since yoga is an ancient lifestyle and practice, it can look differently for everyone, which is why Jackie offers classes for all levels of yoga practice both virtually and in person. To get started, schedule a class that piques your interest and bring a yoga mat and an open mind to your session.

Upcoming Events at Elevate Yoga

1/31, 2/24, 3/24 Big & Little Yoga & Mindfulness
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Jackie Kotyza will be leading yoga and mindfulness classes geared toward any LITTLES that are 3rd grade and older, BIGS are encouraged to participate, but not required. Class is no charge to BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS big and little matches, otherwise a $10 drop in for non-BBBS students.
The class will teach breathing, mindfulness and movement in fun and unique ways!

Sign up online, call or email Elevate or BBBS to reserve your spot. One registration per Big/Little pair.

Sign up for just one session, or all three:

  • Wednesday, January 31st: 3-345pm
  • Saturday, February 24th: 12-1245pm
  • Sunday, March 24th: 3-345pm
2024 Dates
Friday, February 16th 5:30pm
Sunday, April 7th 12pm
Friday, June 14th 5:30pm
Sunday, August 11th 12pm
Friday, October 11th 5:30pm
Friday, December 13th 5:30pm

This event will provide a safe and sacred space to connect within to release that which is holding you prepare for empowerment. Your facilitator, Eva has a lot of experience working and supporting people in their self-development and holding safe space to enable participants to do their work.

Breathwork is a powerful somatic process that allows individuals to experience deep healing and transformation on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Using a connected circular breathing technique in conjunction with activating chakra attuned music, breathwork supports individuals to journey and experience different realms of consciousness, accessing greater love, wisdom, healing and transformation.

This transformative experience will support individuals to:
• Connect deeper with self
• Break through limiting patterns, behaviors, and beliefs
• Access and awaken different levels of consciousness
• Accelerate personal and spiritual growth
• Step into their power
• Listen and walk their truth
• Discover their Soul’s Purpose
• Make real and lasting change in their lives

What to bring:

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring warm layers and water.

About Eva Nelson

Eva is a Healer, Master Breathwork Facilitator and Spiritual Coach whose passion, experience and knowledge allows her to empower individuals to heal, transform, expand, grow and shift. She pulls from her life experience, abilities as a natural healer and extensive professional training to provide transformational healing support and services. Her role is to facilitate and enable safe space to cultivate your authenticity, find your truth, embody your purpose, love yourself and live the life that you want to live.


(Non-refundable within 24 hours of session start time.)


A restful and slow style of yoga class, often practiced with props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks.  This type of class is intended to encourage relaxation of the mind and body, working to open energy channels and reduce stress and anxiety.  It is a good compliment to high-energy workouts or lifestyles.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced class with poses held for a longer duration, targeting the deep connective tissues. With the muscles relaxed, the fascia, ligaments and joints are the focus for this class format.  Yin is a great compliment to other more active yoga classes.


This gentle yoga class will emphasize low-impact postures at a comfortable pace, focusing on stretching and mobility.  Gentle yoga is accessible to all ages and levels of practitioner.


This style of vinyasa yoga class will move slowly, building heat in the body through breath and posture development with low-impact postures and transitions.  Balance will be challenged in both body and mind, along with building physical and cardiovascular strength.  The mind will work to focus and slow down.


This class will be performed in a variety of formats depending on the students and instructor.  Class will be designed to wake up and move the mind and body, likely in a flow format, with additional time spent in the beginning of class to give students time to open up and find movement.  Expect to feel energized and ready to tackle the day after class!


In this vinyasa style class, students will move at a pace that may elevate the heart-rate, connecting breath to body movement.  The Sanskrit word vinyasa is used to describe a format of yoga that arranges postures in a sequence.  Some yoga experience is recommended; however, there are always modifications available.  With practice, students will find improvement in strength, balance, posture, and lower stress levels.


This energetic vinyasa style yoga class is focused on building strength with muscle-toning moves and endurance with a faster-paced class. Expect to flow through a sequence of postures, connecting breath to movement, with added opportunities to challenge yourself throughout.


An active vinyasa yoga class with a focus pose to build on and around each week for a month. This will encourage alignment, engagement and strength around the posture, allowing you to see progress in your practice.


A blend of class formats including barre, yoga and strength inspired movement.  This class will build muscular strength and endurance, with a gentle cool down for the body and mind.


An all levels barre class for a full-body workout using small isolated movements targeting specific muscle groups, infused with components of a yoga class. Barre will build up your balance, posture and overall strength.


Each week this class will feature a different instructor and different format - instructor's choice!  We will announce the teacher and format on Mondays!

Friday, March 17, Sara Smith is teaching an active yoga flow to a hip hop & soul playlist.


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Just 4 minutes away from Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wi

617 N 8th Street | Sheboygan, Wi 53081


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