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Instagrammable Sheboygan

Selfie Spots

The best thing you can bring home from vacation is a camera roll full of your memories commemorating your trip to Sheboygan, WI. Sometimes people want photos of themselves on their trip, at a tourist spot, trying a new experience, doing something adventurous, or just posing with a pretty or brag-worth background. Others prefer to stay behind the camera and get shots of their food, the landscape, a city, a scene they want to remember, animals they find, or a photo of each place they stop at. No matter which form of photos you prefer to bring back with you from vacation, check out this list of these instagrammable Sheboygan spots.

Photo Ops In Sheboygan, WI

The Lighthouse

The Sheboygan Breakwater Lighthouse standing on the breakwater off Deland Park was lit in 1916. The first lighthouse was located on North Sheboygan Point, but after structural issues, erosion, lamp upgrades, changes to the piers, and change of ownership, the lighthouse ended up further inland where you‘ll find it still standing today. Besides being a historical landmark in Sheboygan, it’s a popular destination to get pictures. The lighthouse is instagrammable whatever the weather from moody photo of the waves crashing starkly against its red exterior or a bright and sunny photo against blue skies and an expansive horizon. This is a staple for capturing the essence of Sheboygan.

Blue Harbor Resort Grand Staircase

Another popular and well known photo op in Sheboygan is behind Blue Harbor Resort, on the grand white staircase leading up from the beach to the patio of the beautiful resort. Locals gather to take prom photos there, it’s a popular wedding photo and family photo destination, and a gorgeous backdrop for any special occasion photo no matter the direction you‘re facing. Both the staircase and building itself look royal and the views of the lake from there are fit for royalty too.

Above & Beyond Children's Museum

Although many young children may get confused by the size of Lake Michigan and think it must be an ocean, there are whales in Sheboygan, they just aren’t found in the lake! On the wall facing the purple octopus playground at Above and Beyond Children’s Museum on 8th Street in Downtown Sheboygan, you'll find a beautiful mural of two Humpback Wales. Not only is it one of many impressive murals around the town, it captures the same sense of wonder the Children’s museum has. Between this oceanic mural and photos of the lake, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a Great Lakes trip and a seaside trip.

Riverfront and South Pier Drive

The Sheboygan River flows into Lake Michigan and divides the downtown district of Sheboygan into the Riverfront boardwalk and South Pier Drive, both of which are beautiful to stroll while stopping to browse the shops and restaurants along these boardwalks. Between the business fronts, and the river feeding into the lake, the abundant photo opportunities are right in front of you. Shots of the water, the docked boats, kayakers and paddle boarders all capture the liveliness of this area. It’s also a great destination to get family or couples photos, or just have the spotlight to yourself overlooking all the blue surrounding you.

Bookworm Gardens

Stepping into the Bookworm Gardens is like stepping into a whole new world of beauty, imagination, and tranquility. This seasonal family-friendly attraction features gardens inspired by children’s books, tales, and characters. Don’t be fooled by this detail, these gardens are treasured by people of all ages, whether you have young kids or not. It’s an absolute must-see destination during your time in Sheboygan, to escape into nature, admire the beautifully arranged flowers and plants, and get lost in your imagination and the peaceful serenity of the garden. It goes without saying there are plentiful photography opportunities in these gorgeous gardens.

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