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EOS Surf Shop

About EOS Surf Shop

Welcome to the Malibu of the Midwest! 

Since 1998 Rev Board Shop and EOS Surf have been fueling the stoke here in Sheboygan. Whether you want to perform cutbacks on the freshwater surf waves, slash the concrete of the Kiwanis Skatepark, or enjoy calmer flat water via a paddleboard or Kayak, EOS Surf Shop has you covered! 

You can paddle the Sheboygan river from the rental dock at EOS Surf Shop, just a few short steps from Blue Harbor Resort along South Pier, so stop into the shop or visit EOS Surf Shop online to learn more about Surf Lessons and rentals. 

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Local Spotlight on EOS

Story By Em von der Ruhr

Andrew Jakus took over the reins of local Rev Board Shop & EOS Surf in 2023, however, he has been deeply engrained and committed to the Sheboygan community since 1992. Andrew is passionate about the incredible access to Lake Michigan and the river that Sheboygan provides, as well as skateboarding, fishing, and surfing, but his story goes much deeper than the surface he surfs on.

Founder of EOS and Rev Board Shop, Mike Miller, originally opened the shop under the name Second Revolution in 1998 and passed the torch to Andrew earlier this year.

When asked what brought him into this line of work, Andrew mentioned “Mike always ran his crew like a family.” Andrew’s own inspiration is caring for his community and doing what he can to shape Sheboygan into a place his children will be stoked to live in. He loves the people he meets visiting his shop, as well as the fun adventures and people that skateboarding and surfing perpetuate.

It makes sense that Andrew is so passionate about serving others. Before he became shop owner of the beloved surf shop nestled on 8th Street in downtown, he worked in youth development and foster care for ten years growing his mission of caring for others.

Andrew loves the small town feeling of being greeted by name when he walks into an establishment and doesn't even have to say his order, as well as the access to incredible cuisine. “I cringed when people said we needed an Olive Garden,” mused Andrew, knowing all the incredible options they must not be aware of.

Most of all, Andrew loves the people that make up this community. They are what makes Sheboygan one of a kind!

Winter is peak surf season here in the Malibu of the Midwest, but you can book a surf lesson any time of the year. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for collaborative creative workshops EOS has planned with local business partner AMPERSAND.

Located at 510 N 8th Street in Sheboygan, Rev & EOS carry a full line of clothing, shoes, accessories, offer surf lessons, surf and stand up paddle board rentals, and run a seasonal kayak rental dock on South Pier. Learn more at

Contact EOS Surf Shop

Just 3 minutes from Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, WI.

510 North 8th Street | Sheboygan, WI 53081



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