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About WCF Events

WCF Events is one-stop shopping for Sheboygan, WI, corporate event planning and entertainment - think “wedding planners of corporate events.” They offer a variety of programs to add business value to any event or simply a fun element for guests to let off some steam. Custom packages are available. 

WCF Events Team Building Programs are perfect to add to a conference or meeting at Blue Harbor Resort to help get your teams MOTIVATED and ENERGIZED throughout the year! Most recently, clients have been focused on DEI initiatives, team building, and charitable events.

WCF Events Team Building

Team Challenge
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WCF Events Team Building programs are highly engaging and entertaining events that are designed to enhance teamwork and communication, build relationships, improve group problem solving skills and develop strategic planning capabilities. While the Team Challenge provides tangible and specific business benefits, many clients use the Team Challenge simply for the purpose of having a fun and competitive event.

The event begins after the group is broken into teams of approximately 10-15 people. Two teams compete head-to-head at each station with each team actively engaged at all times. Teams rotate through five to eight different activities selected from a multitude of programs customized to meet your unique mission and objectives. Typically, events utilize non-physical activities unless desired. The group that works most effectively as a team wins the competition. The Team Challenge takes place indoors or outdoors at virtually any location in the city or suburbs and upon request, anywhere in the country.


WCF Events Mousetrap Race Car Challenge provides a customized experience requiring team members to use communication, creativity and teamwork to design and build a Mousetrap Race Car. Each car is used to compete in a distance competition at the end of the event to crown an overall champion.

The group is first given an orientation reviewing the activity and schedule for the event. The groups are then divided into teams of equal size to design, build and test their race car. Each team is provided identical supplies in their “race car kit”. If desired, teams are required to answer client-specific trivia questions before they are able to obtain their supplies. Once all the supplies are obtained, teams begin the design and assembly of their Mousetrap Race Car. Teams must work together to not only design and build the race car, but they must also adapt and change their design to create the car with the best wheel alignment, weight and overall design to travel the furthest distance. At the end of the event, teams compete one at a time in a competition to see which car travels the furthest. Teams are given two opportunities to “run” their car. Points and/or prizes may also be awarded for most creative design, best car name and more. In the end, the Mousetrap Race Car Challenge is the perfect combination of communication, creativity and competition.


“Cake Boss” Meets the WCF Team Challenge – A Recipe for Success!

With the flare and excitement of the show “Cake Boss” and the award-winning WCF Team Challenge combined into one event, WCF created the perfect event focused on communication, creativity and thinking outside the box. 

Teams work together to design a cake while completing challenges and trivia to acquire additional supplies needed to enhance their cake masterpiece.  The group is first divided into equal teams following a brief orientation.  Teams are given two hours to complete a design based on the goals and objectives set by the client.  Throughout the design event, teams must complete challenges and trivia to acquire additional decorating supplies to enhance their designs.  Designs are judged not only on appearance but their ability to convey the corporate message communicated to the teams at the beginning of the challenge.  Successful teamwork, creativity and time management tend to bring home the winning designs!  Once all the designs are complete, each team makes a presentation to prove why their masterpiece takes the cake!


NEW Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pub Trivia Now Available!

WCF’s Pub Trivia is a great way to add a fun element to your next meeting. It is a great option when there isn’t enough time or budget during the meeting to add a full team building program. Pub Trivia keeps creative juices flowing, enhances communication and teamwork and helps breakdown barriers – all within the same meeting room and at a reasonable price.

Pub Trivia is a team competition lead by a professional emcee. Each team has to answer a series of questions. Each round consists of 10 to 15 questions within a given category. Examples of categories are pop culture, general knowledge, sports and company trivia. Themed versions are also available for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Events or Themed Seasonally for Holidays (see below). All of the above can be converted into virtual events for teams that are not together in the same place! Teams compete for the points at the end of each round, with the most points winning the overall event! The program is typically executed in two hours and takes place during a meal or at the beginning, middle or end of your meeting. Guaranteed to energize and enhance your next meeting!


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WCF Charitable Events

Any of the above team building programs can be made into a charitable event or they can do charitable stand-alone events! Thanks to incredible clients, WCF Events have donated over $450,000 of charitable items through executing Charitable Events in the last three years! 

How do you maintain your company’s social responsibility while creating a fun, interactive charitable event for your team? Where can you find the resources to pull off a charitable program that meets your company objectives?

WCF Events is the Midwest’s largest team building and entertainment company; specializing in corporate team building events with a charitable twist. WCF Event’s professional team coordinates and executes flawless events that bring teams together for the good of the community and the company.

WCF Events Corporate Entertainment

If you're looking to add entertainment to your reception-style events (no teams, no structure just passive entertainment/activities), below are some engaging options that really encourage groups to interact and socialize.

  • Photobooths
  • Casino Nights
  • Corporate DJs
  • Virtual Reality​
  • Giant Games (Jenga, Connect 4, Kerplunk)
  • Table Games (Pool Tables, Pop-a-shot, Foosball, etc.)
  • Mini Golf
  • And more!

Book WCF Events Team Building

Blue Harbor Resort partners with WCF Events to offer unique interactive and team building experiences for clients. Ask your conference services professional at Blue Harbor Resort about booking this activity for your next event!


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