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Sheboygan Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to get your shopping on! We are just coming out of the busiest shopping week of the year: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. There are deals left and right from all your favorite shops, and we are here to introduce you to some of the sweetest Sheboygan Shop deals on our list in case you didn’t cross off all your gift shopping this weekend. These sets are sure to spread jolly and cheer to those receiving them. After all, who doesn’t love a new set of items that all go together well? It’s one of the most exciting presents to both gift and receive.

The Kitchen Creator

Whether this person loves cooking their own recipes or just has a deep appreciation for food, this Kitchen sampler custom gift set from Relish in Downtown Sheboygan is a sweet and savory haven. This time of year calls for warm food and drink, bright spirits, and caring company to share with. Which is why this set absolutely calls for this serving platter for hosting, whether Christmas is at their house this year or not. New Year’s Eve party anyone? Add in these fun and unique champagne glasses for a spark of celebration! To top it all off, and we mean literally, a Nora Fleming Mini and matching dish is perfect for your kitchen-loving gift set that personalizes the present for whoever is fortunate enough to be receiving this gift. These Mini’s come in just about anything imaginable, ranging from Holiday symbols, foods, objects, nature, and animals. Not sure what mini’s your gift recipient already has? No problem, they keep a wish list for you to help your loved ones know which minis you need!

The Toy Lover

5 or 25, child or collector, we have two shops we are shopping from to create this set! The GameBoard is a long-standing shop on 8th street downtown that is known for its plentiful shelves of games; card games, board games, puzzles, jigsaw squares, fantasy games, escape room games, and more. Snag a quirky new game for your gift-receiver, one that they can play with a group, and add a tuck-in just for them. Brainteaser blocks are ideal for the person who loves to think logically and strategically, and with these blocks coming in a range of difficulty levels, this is sure to keep them sleuthing away. Next, you’ll want to hop down the street to another Sheboygan favorite: Freak Toys. This shop is packed to the brim with collectables like video games, action figures, and comics. There’s Pokémon, Star Wars, Wrestlers, Magic the Gathering, Pop Funkos, Horror Icons… dare we go on? There’s a child at heart in all of us, so pick up your loved one’s favorite character figure as a stocking stuffer, they are sure to love it. Lastly, either The GameBoard or Freak Toys have an impressive selection of collectable cards, pick up a set or two as a bonus to their game-themed gift set and you’ll have them crossed off the list!

The Motorcycle Enthusiast

Wisconsin is the homeland of motorcycles, the birthplace of Harley Davidson, and a holy grail of motorcycle culture. Sully’s Ride Shop has you covered for all things ride-related. First, pick out a special guardian (or gremlin, whichever you prefer to call it) bell for your loved one for good luck and fortune. Sully’s has a selection of unique and traditional gremlin bells with Celtic designs, dragons, skulls, and butterflies. After you’ve got this bagged, treat them to something special for them and their riding gear. A visor, lens, and goggle cleaning kit, or a Bike Spirits polish and spray cleaner. To compliment this biking care set, snag a Rough Rider bar soap, these are created keeping the dirtiest of hands in mind, mechanics and gardeners, and use a natural grime remover to wash away the dirt and oil. And in case your special ride-loving gift receiver isn’t riding at the moment because of the weather, you could always pick up a Sully’s Ride Shop candle as a stocking stuffer that reminds them of their passion.

The Sweet-Tooth

Candy, chocolate, and sweets galore! If this sounds like someone you know, skip the big-box store candy this year and head over to the Victorian Chocolate Shoppe instead for hand-crafted chocolate, truffles, and fudge. Best known for their homemade truffles and gourmet chocolates, this old-fashioned sweets shop will lure you inside by the smell alone! Choose from a wide selection of truffle flavors, chocolate dipped items like pretzels, espresso beans, candies, and fruits. Once you have your chocolates selected from the display case, you shouldn’t skip over the tables! Grab a bag (or two) of pre-packaged sweets to tuck into a stocking or a gift bow. Not only are there plenty of fun flavors, dips, and kinds of chocolates, but the Victorian Chocolate Shoppe also has sugar free chocolates available in milk and dark chocolate. Although this shop is without a doubt a dream come true for chocolate lovers, you can find hard and gummy candies here as well. You might as well pick out something special of this variety for your sugar-loving friend too. After all, Christmas only comes once a year!

The Fashionista

Sheboygan is home to several cute and trendy clothing boutiques for those in your life who live for their wardrobe. The Mainstream Boutique is located on 8th street just a few doors down from The GameBoard and the other Downtown locations on our gift set list. Inside, you’ll find jewelry, belts, hats, outerwear accessories, clothing stables, special occasion clothing, shoes, boots, bags, and clutches. Mainstream is the place to go to find sophisticated clothing that’s on-trend and ready to make a statement. Pick up your first gift set item from here, perhaps a special piece of jewelry or a cute winter hat or vest for the holiday season, before popping down to the Riverfront Boardwalk to TLC casuals next! As the name might suggest, you’ll find fashion casual staples here, in addition to fancy and unique pieces. There is sure to be something for every-fashion lover at TLC, no matter their personal style. Coordinated and organized by color inside, if you know someone who loves to set a color-scheme when getting themselves ready, you’ve just stumbled upon the gold-mine! A classic pair of jeans or sweater would make a great emphasis to this fashion-centered gift. As for one last item, any fashionista absolutely adores the chance to pick something out new themselves, especially from a new boutique. Add a gift card as a tuck-in (maybe inside a fashion clutch, or sticking out of the pocket of a folded pair of pants) and ta da! Perfection.

I hope that these gift sets ignite inspiration for your holiday gift giving this season. There is so much fun, creativity, and love to be found in compiling a themed gift for someone in your life. Hand-picked gift sets are more personable and can include multiple fun pieces to treat your loved one to something special they might not have otherwise bought for themselves. Plus, there is an element of excitement to shopping local and putting together the perfect set to gift your family, friends, or significant other.


Happy holiday shopping!





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