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Reiki Treatment Sessions at Reflections Spa in Blue Harbor Resort


Reiki Treatment Sessions at Reflections Spa in Blue Harbor Resort

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese practice that uses an energy healing technique to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety/stress. Reiki masters use their hands to channel, guide, and deliver energy from themselves to the body of the client. The goal of Reiki is to aid in healing and discovering balance in all aspects; physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. There are many benefits of the practice of Reiki: promoting self-healing, relief of tension and pain, it stimulates the immune system, supports well-being, brings on a meditative state, and more. Although Reiki is not used to diagnose or treat physical or mental health complications, it can be used to help support people suffering from ailments and even accompany traditional medical treatments such as radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, and more. Reiki is recognized in the National Library of Medicine by a study that shows Reiki treatments help produce feelings of peace, relaxation, security, and wellness for patients receiving these types of traditional medicine treatments, and for anyone who

So, there’s scientific evidence supporting the use of Reiki as a therapy, but what does a Reiki session look like? First of all, Reiki uses energy in order to relax and treat you, so Reiki practitioners don’t touch you at all or use light and limited touch during your session. This might sound very surprising, but stick around and find out why this is what to expect during your Reiki session at Reflections Spa in Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Reiki is all about using energy to promote wellness, healing, and relaxation, and this is why touch is minimally used, if at all. During a Reiki session at Reflections Spa, you will only feel the energy of the practitioner, and they will ask before touching you.

My Experience:

I visited the spa to try the Reiki healing session myself, and beyond doing a simple google search on what Reiki is, I went into it with a pretty blank slate and an open mind. I came out of the session feeling not only incredibly relaxed, as if a huge weight I didn’t even know I had been carrying was lifted off my shoulders, but with a page full of mental notes knowing I had to write a blog sharing about this incredible experience!

One of the first sensations I felt during the treatment session was that at times I felt warm radiating energy, and other times, cool rippling energy; both feelings welcoming in their own unique way. I could physically feel the gentle, repeating ripples of energy, and the differences in the different waves of movement that fluctuated during the duration of the treatment. At times I felt slow, comforting, waves rolling over me like washing away whatever worries or tensions I was holding onto. At other times, I felt more of a stillness, or a hovering waves. I think the best way to describe this would be like a harboring, keeping the energy mostly contained to a specific area and frequency, but with a little bit of fluctuation like a boat softly rising and falling on smooth and slow waves. It’s an abstract feeling, and therefore abstract for me to represent through words. I found that this was consistent throughout the whole treatment.

I am someone who is constantly checking the time, worrying about being late, or how long something is taking. I tend to get caught up in the tracking of time, as many of us do, especially during the work week. But as I was laying there trying to push thoughts out of my mind and focus on what I felt in the moment, I felt my sense of time slipping away until I lost sight of it. Once I truly had no grasp on how long I had been there (which in all reality, must have been after only 5 minutes or so) I began to develop a feeling of suspension, in the most serene way. I knew I was still wrapped in the comfy and warm blanket I was wrapped into on the bed when the session began, but I could almost be convinced it had evaporated or melted away, yet I remained. It was a very calming, and self-assured feeling, like I could hold myself up with just the sense of peace I was experiencing. It was neither an egotistical feeling nor a feeling of vulnerability, it was a contained and preserved sense of self-confidence; like I had let go of my doubts and stressors. This levitating feeling of peacefully floating through the session was my peak feeling of serenity. At this point, I felt everything outside the room where the Reiki session was taking place had been covered by light fluffy clouds and I could be excited about them later. All that I felt in that moment was relaxed, at ease, and happy.

Overall, I must admit, I was shocked I was able to achieve this peaceful state to such a degree. I’m not one to relax in a space that isn’t my own, I’ve never been to a spa before or had any kind of massage; I have tried yoga classes in the past and felt anything but relaxed because being told how and when to breathe made me overthink too much. But during the Reiki treatment, I was calm to the point of restfulness, which was something I didn’t expect. This is why I feel I can confidently and truthfully say that Reiki treatments are for everyone. If I was able to genuinely achieve such a relaxed and rejuvenated state both physically, mentally, and spiritually, I believe anyone can.

You can book your Reiki Treatment Session today by calling 920-457-9880, or, if you’re staying at Blue Harbor Resort, calling extension number 519.


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Reiki Treatment Sessions at Reflections Spa in Blue Harbor Resort

Learn briefly what Reiki is, what to expect during a Reiki session, a first-hand account of the experience at Reflections Spa and Salon located in Blue Harbor Resort, and why our Marketing Coordinator, Em, thinks Reiki is for everyone after trying it out for herself. 


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