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My Top 5 Travel Essentials for Wanderlust and Relaxation


My Top 5 Travel Essentials for Wanderlust and Relaxation

Summer is right around the corner and I am ready and eager for the summer weather, activities, vibes, and most of all: travel. I love a beach vacation as much as I love an exploring vacation, so I’m combining my favorite elements of relaxation and wanderlust by sharing with you my top 5 travel essentials that will fulfill both travel needs for your next trip.

First up is an appropriate bag. Whether you’re planning to spend all day under the sun at the beach, or walking across cities site-seeing, you’re going to need a bag that can accommodate everything you’ll need for your day. The best bags I have for travel are cross body- I find them to be your safest bet no matter where you’re traveling because of the ability to wear it facing forwards, keeping it safe from pocket picking. Belt bags, satchels, and fanny packs work the best in my experience and are prime options for long days of walking. For more relaxing beach-goers, these bags work well too if you only need your sunscreen, shades, and phone. If you require more space, bring along an extra tote than can be folded and stuffed inside your cross body bag if need be.

My next essential is something to read. Be it a guidebook, a fun fictional novel, or a magazine, this is an absolute must for me during my traveling journey. I’ll read or flip through a magazine in the car, on a plane, or even waiting for the subway. I certainly will not be caught laying poolside or on the beach for the day without a book, and it’s my favorite way to wind down in the evening before bed. Depending on what your reading material is, you can carry this with you during your days of exploration or relaxation. I carry my guidebooks in my cross body during days of adventure, or keep my fun-reading book in my tote when I make my way to the beach. Either way, it never hurts to be prepared, and you never know when you might want something to refer to or to pass the time with.

Okay, my first two essentials were pretty basic, a lot of people suggest having the right bag and a book for traveling. My third essential is less fun, but will make an unfortunate situation less unfortunate by being prepared: first aid. I always make sure I have a Band-Aid or two, some Tylenol, and Tums on me. Long days of exploration might leave you with painful blisters, or sore muscles. Beach days require bare feet, and you’ll only ever stub your toe or step on something sharp when you’re not prepared. Keeping these supplies on your person can make or break your day is something goes awry, and these items really don’t take up that much space in your bag. The Tums are a bit more specific, but if you’re anything like me and get heartburn all the time, having Tums can save the day. Literally.

For my fourth essential, I like to feel fresh throughout my day, and therefore, I keep a roller perfume or a travel sized deodorant, and sunscreen with me in my bag. You never know when you might need a little retouch after long hours under the sun and being on your feet. You can find these types of compact travel-sized products at the drug store or big-box general retailers, and they too do not take up much space in your travel bag. You might be starting to get the hint that I really like to be prepared for anything, just in case. It might not be for everyone, but I find it never hurts to be a little over-prepared when you’re away from home.

Now that we’ve gotten the obligatory “just in case” items out of the way, my fifth and final essential is more fun and optimistic: sunglasses! Especially if I am traveling during the summer or someplace warm, I will never leave my hotel without a pair of Sunnies! I love that this suggestion is practical and fun, because you can stylize your shades to match your outfit or personality, or you can keep them streamlined and focused on their purpose to protect your eyes during long days under the sun.

There you have it, my personal list the 5 things I absolutely must have with me during a busy or relaxing vacation. Maybe some of these tips are ones that you’ll start to integrate into your own travels.


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