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Broken Earth Winery

Blue Harbor Resort restaurants proudly represent Paso Robles and are committed to continuing to bolster the high-quality reputation of Paso Robles wines from Broken Earth Winery.

About Broken Earth Winery

Broken Earth Winery produces unique wines that are estate grown, harvested and bottled in Paso Robles, California. Rancho Tierra Rejada, Spanish for “land of worked earth,” is the original name of the 2,500 acre Paso Robles ranch that is now home to the vineyards of Broken Earth Winery.

The unique wines from Broken Earth Winery reflect winemaker Chris Cameron’s committed and passionate approach to all aspects of wine-making. Structure and balance are most critical, each varietal release is an accurate reflection of the style and the region.

Broken Earth Winery remains committed to sustainable ideals, and to continuing to bolster the high-quality reputation of Paso Robles wines.

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Chris Cameron, Director of Winemaking

Chris Cameron, Director of Winemaking, for Broken Earth Winery, has over 40 harvests in hand and offers a wealth of experience spanning many countries and many continents. 

Chris arrived on the Central Coast of California just in time for the 2007 harvest for Broken Earth Winery and has since used his determination to interpret and enhance the quality of Paso Robles' wine.

A native of Australia, his approach to winemaking is one of presenting the true "personality" of each wine, accurately reflecting both its terroir and varietal distinction. 

A master at blending, Chris continually pushes the limits to uncover balance and purity of fruit, whether it be with single varietal, single vineyard wines, or more complex blended wines.


Broken Earth Wines are proudly served in The Beacon Restaurant and On The Rocks Bar & Grill at Blue Harbor Resort.


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