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Massage Therapy

Renew your mind and body with a personalized massage experience. Within our massage therapy services, we use Ilike products that focus on only using natural derived ingredients such as whole fruit and herb pulps. Our individualized massage techniques combined with these products will leave you feeling balanced and completely relaxed.   



Our signature massage uses a refreshing blend of essential oils throughout your Swedish massage. The service uses light to medium pressure to ensure the greatest mind and body rest.

60 minutes $135 | 90 minutes – $165



Not sure what you need? Let our talented therapists listen to their instincts. They will use a variety of techniques to bring you peace and relaxation, as it is tailored uniquely to you. Hot towels and aromatherapy will assist this medium pressure massage. 

60 minutes  $145 | 90 minutes – $165



This massage uses medium to firm pressure along with the therapeutic techniques to help release those chronic "knots" or tension areas that we are all prone to in our daily lives. 

60 minutes – $165 | 90 minutes – $185



Feel like the weight of the world is sitting on your shoulders? This massage focuses solely on the head, neck, and shoulders. You will leave this service feeling lighter and more relaxed. 

30 minutes – $50



A variety of hot and cold stones are used to help melt away muscle pain and tension. This massage will promote a deeper relaxation while loosening the underlying tension that causes achy and painful areas. 

75 minutes – $185



Couples can enjoy either our Signature, Intuitively, or Therapeutic Massages in our beautiful couples suite. Each person can choose a service that fits their needs while sharing the room with that special someone in their life. 

*Pricing is per couple.

60 minutes – $275 | 90 minutes - $335



Expectant mothers can expect a relaxing customized massage tailored to their needs. Mothers can expect long flowing strokes of the Swedish massage technique to lull them into a peaceful state of mind and body. (Not recommended for expecting mothers in their first trimester).

60 minutes – $145

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