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2021 Ryder Cup Week - September 21-26

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AUM Synergy

522 S Pier Drive

Sheboygan, WI 53083


Social Intellectual Mental Physical LEarning (SIMPLE)

The vision of AUM is to develop a happy community through Social Intellectual Mental & Physical Learning (SIMPLe) using arts. Through years of practicing and researching the beauty and science of Asian Indian art forms (including YOGA forms), Lavanyaa Surendar (M.S Biology, IIT Chicago) started AUM in 2015 to spread and learn more on the positive impact of arts to the society.

Exclusive Discounts for Blue Harbor Resort Guests

  1. Yoga from origins – 45 mins – $15 (25% discount on top of that)
  2. Yoga Natyam – 45 mins – $15 (25% discount on top of that)
  3. Art & Heart – 45 mins – $15 (25% discount on top of that)

Yoga from origins: Yoga explained and taught from its original scriptures along with human science and anatomy of Yoga.

Yoga Natyam: A dance form that evolved with yoga.

Art & Heart: A fast paced wholistic work out focused on social, mental, physical and intellectual learning

To obtain these special discounts for Blue Harbor Resort guests please access this link at

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