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Olivü Sun Protection for your Beach Day at Blue Harbor Resort


In April, I took a trip to South Florida and during my first day, despite my best efforts to stay protected against the UV light of the sun, I got sunburnt. Like most Wisconsinites, I wasn’t used to solar rays that powerful, and my pink skin made this appear very obvious. So when I had my first full beach day over the weekend tanning on Sheboygan’s beaches behind Blue Harbor’s grand staircase, I thought I’d be okay without reapplying my sunscreen as often as I needed to down in the Sunshine State. Rookie move, Em. I walked away with a slightly lobster appearance and a withering ego for my naïve assumptions. Let’s just say that I highly underestimated the power of the Sheboygan sun.

But as I laid in my softest t-shirt and shorts with after a brief and cool shower, I texted my partner about my sunburn and he planted the seed for this week’s blog in my mind: how to have the ultimate beach day at Blue Harbor Resort while protecting your skin. I’m here to not just recommend lathering up in any old sunscreen lotion, but that of a unique and popular small business just a short 5-minute drive from the resort called Olivü 426 that makes natural skincare products out of olive oil.

Olivü 426

The shop’s olive-oil based products are all-natural, healthy and gentle on your skin, and have remarkable healing abilities. Just thinking of the name of the shop while lying on my couch with my skin pulsing from its fresh sunburn provided a little relief: the relief of hope. I decided the very next day I’d look into what remedies are available to help my skin rehydrate and heal and share it on my blog, because when you stay at Blue Harbor Resort this summer, you’ll definitely want to spend a day on the beach and walk away without sunburnt skin. A summer trip to Blue Harbor isn’t the same without laying on the sandy Lake Michigan beach and splashing in the waterpark.

Product Recommendations 

I reached out to the founder and owner of Olivü: Caitlin Brotz, and asked her for her top product recommendations that protect skin from the sun, as well as products that soothe and heal sun-damaged skin. To start with, Caitlin explained the versatility of her lotions. At Olivü, you have the option and ability to add sunblock to any of the lotions they make! Caitlin explained to me that the lotions are “a natural blend of zinc and titanium dioxide which helps to filter out UVA and UVB rays!” Although you can get lotions with or without the sunblock, in the summer it’s a no-brainer. Plus, I love that some of her products are customizable to meet your particular needs, so that when you’re on your summer vacation you can tailor the products you need to the environment you’re enjoying during your trip.

The Emu oil products at Olivü are also quite popular for soothing skin after a day under the sun. Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps to calm sunburned skin. She emphasized that the Emu oil is particularly popular during the summer to apply on your skin after a long day under the sun because of the self-soothing and healing abilities of the 200% natural oil.

In the past, I’ve used aloe products when I’ve gotten sunburnt to calm my skin, but some aloe products aren’t purely aloe and therefore can actually irritate sensitive skin. The Pure Aloe Beach Spray is the perfect product to toss in into your beach bag for the day. Spraying it on your skin feels like an instant cool-down, especially if you keep it in a cool environment, like a refrigerator, before heading out.

Blue Harbor and the Beach

Whether you’re planning to lay on the beach soaking up the sun rays, or your wading in the water to try water sports or play with the kids, the beach is without a doubt my favorite part of Blue Harbor Resort and the city of Sheboygan. Nothing beats Blue Harbor’s prime location right on the water, and although Sheboygan is known for having some really great beaches, my favorite beach is without a doubt the beach the resort is located on. It’s a short walk from everything else there is to do in the resort like the waterpark, arcade, mini golf, and restaurants, as well as the South Pier Boardwalk. Because I love spending as much time as possible on the beach during the summer, it is absolutely a top priority to take care of my skin so I can maximize the amount of time spent outdoors during the warmest time of year.

Breaker Bay Waterpark 

Sun burn hurts no matter what, and can have some long-term effects on your skins’ health. But sun burn will specially suck the fun out of your summer vacation if your skin is too sensitive to enjoy all the best aspects of Breaker Bay Waterpark in Blue Harbor. From bubbling fountains and buckets of water dumping on your back, to waterslides and lily-pad hoppers, sun burnt skin will not be able to enjoy the waterpark as well as moisturized skin will. Thankfully, Breaker Bay is kept at a steady 84 degrees’ year round, and there is enough moisture in the air that your skin won’t feel cracked and dry. But for your maximum enjoyment, properly protecting and maintaining the health of your skin should be at the forefront of your mind while on your vacation.

Sandcastle Toys at The Boutique 

Of course, if you forget beach and pool day essentials like sunglasses, hats, goggles, and more, swing by the Boutique in the main lobby of the resort and find everything you need (and beyond). Besides keeping your skin from getting burnt, another way to enjoy the ultimate beach day is by building sandcastles. I’ll be the first to admit, I may be in my early 20’s but I still get excited to construct castles out of sand and dig out giant motes. To build the ultimate sandcastle, having some sand molds and shoves are more than ideal. The Boutique offers a selection of sand toys for building impressive fortresses out along the shores of Lake Michigan. You could have a sandcastle building contest with the family and easily spend the whole day working on your masterpieces out under the sun, as long as you remember to reapply sun protection!

The Ultimate Beach Day

Protecting your skin so you can enjoy the ultimate beach day at Blue Harbor Resort is a must. Nothing should hold you back from soaking up the sunniest, warmest time of year while in the Malibu of the Midwest! Between the all-natural products at Olivü 426 that will protect your skin while you tan, splash around, and construct sandcastles, and the amount of summer fun activities Blue Harbor has to offer, you’re in for a family vacation filled with memories that will last a lifetime.


To learn more about Olivü 426, click here.

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