How to Pamper YourselfWhen it comes to weather in Wisconsin, each season has its draws: fall and its gorgeous colors, summers spent on the lake, and blossoms in spring that pop up around Easter. Winter has its charms too, but with it also comes hibernation and less daylight – let alone the cold! It’s easy for anyone to feel run down during this dark time of year. The solution? Quick weekend getaways in Wisconsin as the perfect pick-me-up during the winter. Let our team here at Blue Harbor Resort share how to pamper yourself during your time in Sheboygan with our several on-site amenities. 

Discovering How to Pamper Yourself Is Different For Everyone 

What is relaxing for one individual may be a total bore to the next. With our wide array of on-site activities, we’re sure that you’ll find something that suits your fancy when choosing how to pamper yourself during your vacation. 

Rejuvenate at the Spa 

Visiting a spa is one of the most classic answers people might list when thinking of how to pamper yourself. And it’s a classic for a reason: sitting back while others massage out the knots in your back, keep your skin in tip-top shape with a facial, and make your hands and feet look their best with mani/pedis is a luxury. Plus, our on-site Reflections Spa & Salon has other more specialized services that you didn’t know you needed: like a deep condition for your hair, showers that enhance your blood circulation, and restore elasticity to your skin. 

Wine and Dine Yourself 

Sometimes, you don’t always have the time at home to prepare the meals you want to. Instead, you make something your kids enjoy or something quick that fits into your schedule. At Blue Harbor Resort, we need skimp on your culinary experience. Pick a dish you’ve been dreaming about at the Beacon, where we serve anything from soup to sandwiches and pasta to pizza. Pair it with a glass of wine and call it a night! 

Shop ’Til You Drop 

For some, shopping melts the stressors away. There’s something about keeping up with the current trends that makes you feel better about yourself. If you look put together, you feel put together, right? Either way, browse our wide selection of apparel, home goods, and other unique items at the Boutique located in the lobby. If you can’t get enough, go a few steps outside the resort and visit the Harbor Centre for more shopping. 

Take a Dip at the Waterpark

Taking a dip in the pool at Breaker Bay Waterpark is another option of the great ways to pamper yourself here at Blue Harbor Resort. Let your worries melt away as you soak up the 84-degree indoor heat. As this temperature is year-round, you’ll forget there’s snow outside. Plus, you can relax with a drink poolside when you’re done–because a lounger, a swimsuit, and a drink in hand make for one great afternoon. 

Weekend Trips in Wisconsin 

When trying to decide how to pamper yourself during the winter in Wisconsin, Blue Harbor Resort is the best choice, due to our extensive offerings and high-quality service. Plus, our location as one of the hotels along Lake Michigan means that you’ll get to appreciate the gorgeous views of the water as you gaze outside from your cozy room. For fore information about staying at Blue Harbor Resort, visit us on our website or give us a call at 866-701-BLUE.