hotels on lake michiganGuests at Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center, unlike most hotels on Lake Michigan, are always minutes away from a diverse array of watersports, including surfing, SUPing, and sportfishing. The city of Sheboygan, WI, is known as “The Malibu of the Midwest” thanks to the top-notch surfing conditions near our east-facing sandy beaches. Sheboygan’s ideal location along Lake Michigan provides surfers with wind gusts at 20-25 miles per hour which help create tall, azure blue waves. The always-changing surf conditions in front of our resort are also perfect for expert kayakers and paddleboarders. These waves are challenging but unquestionably rewarding, especially for those who attempt to stand atop a 20-inch surfboard. We’ve conveniently compiled our favorite water activities for those who are looking for an extra dash of Lake Michigan excitement this summer here at Blue Harbor Resort.


Standing atop a 20-inch surfboard on unpredictable, always-shifting lake water with strong gusts testing your balance is among the most challenging water activities imaginable. Luckily for you, Blue Harbor Resort is one of the only indoor water parks in Wisconsin that has a state-of-the-art Riptide Double Surf Simulator. Before braving exhilarating Lake Michigan waves, warm up on this thrilling simulator. Even if you’re an experienced surfer, you’ll love the authentic feel of these “simulated” waves. If you need a surfboard, walk on down to EOS (pronounced ee-os) to find a top-of-the-line rental that perfectly suits your weight and height. Their seasonal dock is located along the boardwalk behind South Pier Parlor, which is just steps from Blue Harbor Resort.

SUPing / Kayaking

hotels on lake michigan

EOS also has the area’s largest collection of SUP and kayak rentals. Many guests choose to explore the Sheboygan River and the waters surrounding the Sheboygan Breakwater Lighthouse. Experienced paddleboarders often join the surfers in front of Blue Harbor Resort to ride the stellar waves. Kayaking is much easier on the body than paddleboarding as it doesn’t involve much balance, so you’ll see kayaks of all colors scattered in Lake Michigan. Remember to bring along a wetsuit or rent one from EOS because Lake Michigan’s water temperature, like all of the Great Lakes, is colder than your average body of water.


There are several award-winning fishing charters within walking distance of Blue Harbor Resort, but we typically send our guests to Dumper Dan’s, located along the South Pier Boardwalk. We’re one of the only hotels on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin that’s a three-minute walk from several fishing charters! Dumper Dan’s specializes in freshwater king “Chinook” salmon fishing. Charters last anywhere from five to eight hours and start at just $100 per person! The thrill of baiting, hooking, and reeling in a monster king salmon is unlike anything on this planet, and nobody has helped reel in more Chinook than Dumper Dan’s!

Luxury Hotels on Lake Michigan

Not only does Blue Harbor Resort rest on a particularly beautiful stretch of Lake Michigan, but our lavish getaway is one of the only family-friendly hotels on Lake Michigan that has an indoor waterpark! Splash, slide, and surf at Breaker Bay Waterpark, savor fresh-caught seafood at The Beacon Restaurant, and rejuvenate at Reflections Spa & Salon this summer! To book a well-deserved summertime getaway to Sheboygan, please give us a call today at 1-866-701-BLUE (2583), or visit us online.