Thank you for conserving energy and water 

by participating in our Blue Energy Program.

How You Can Make A Difference
  • Reusing your towels that would only be used once before washing helps save thousands of gallons of water and tons of detergent annually.

  • Help reduce the impact on natural resources by conserving energy. Please turn off lights when not using them in the room.

  • By deciding to reuse your items, you help cut down on the unneccesary waste of energy, water, and materials.

Conserve Water
  • A towel on the rack means “I’ll use it again”.

  • A towel on the floor or in the tub means “Please exchange”.

  • With your help, we aim to reduce water usage by 41,472 gallons a year.

Save Energy
  • Help protect our environment.

  • You can make a difference with the actions you take.

  • Be conscious of your actions, by turning off lights. Help save electricity and energy with simple steps.