Boutiques Near MeAlthough everyone loves dependable department stores like Target and Macy’s, you can’t always find unique items and gifts there. Instead, you’ll find things that fit current trends—and sure, they’re cute, but you’ll still be able to find something similar somewhere else. However, at small businesses and boutiques, you’re guaranteed to have a different experience. Luckily, here at Blue Harbor Resort, you have a place to explore when you search “boutiques near me,” called The Boutique at South Pier, located just off the lobby. Let us explain the benefits of shopping small. 

1. Boutiques Inspire Bold Fashion Choices 

How many times have you visited a boutique, and then tried a new look? “Boutiques are successful because they’re more than just stores: They’re style educators. Many consumers don’t have the time or know-how to style themselves. Fashion is fickle, and they’re scared to try a new trend — until boutiques show them how. They walk in the store to be inspired,” says Ashley Alderson in Forbes. Boutiques often source their items from local artisans and less from national retailers, so you’re more likely to pick up something special. If you consider yourself to be fashion-forward, searching for “boutiques near me” is a smart way to tackle your shopping game. 

2. Small Businesses Care More About Customers 

Why are small businesses important? Since big retailers have thousands of locations and employees, they often have to hire people who don’t necessarily care about the company. However, at a boutique, most employees are more involved in the store’s success and have more time to work with customers one-on-one. That means you can ask our team at The Boutique for opinions and recommendations, and you’ll have our undivided attention. 

3. Shopping Small Boosts the Local Economy 

Why support big businesses that already have thousands, if not millions, of customers, if you can shop small at a company that would appreciate your help so much more? Often times, many people don’t realize the importance of small business until they consider effects on local economies. Plus, most “boutiques near me” that you find will have a more varied range of clothing, jewelry, home decor, and other items. Instead of defaulting to the items that everyone has, highlight your individuality! 

Sheboygan Shopping and “Boutiques Near Me” at Blue Harbor Resort 

The Boutique at South Pier has jewelry, clothing, home decor, seasonal items, handbags, children’s toys, glassware, and even Blue Harbor Resort souvenirs. Plus, we have a selection of brands like Vera Bradley and Brighton Jewelry if you’d rather purchase name brands. If you still want to discover more “boutiques near me” after shopping at The Boutique, check out the Harbor Centre, a short walk from the property. For more information about other things to do at Blue Harbor Resort, visit our website or give us a call at 866-701-BLUE.